2016, KEA Bi5, TEAM13. Copenhagen Airport presented their need to develop a digital solution that provides value for the passengers in exchange for personal information e.g.: to reveal their travel plans. As a result they would be able to improve their sales promotion and tailor advertisements for the appropriate target group. At that time the Airport had no such information about their passengers, and their app had relatively low rating on Google Play (compared to similar significant EU Airports).

“A solution that makes it easier to navigate on the airport and makes shopping more attractive with personalized offers and a high service level. The middle-aged business group travels a lot but don’t have a lot of time in the airport to shop, since they need to find their gate quickly and tend to rush through the shopping area to do so. We have decided to make a solution based on their needs. Adding new features to the current CPH Airport app will help make traveling easier for the target group and also increase sales in the shops (…)”

Illustrator, Photoshop, Benchmarking.