I chose Kunstrukt (my internship) – as the protagonist of my BA project.
During my internship I was the part of a startup company Kunstrukt, where I was responsible for miscellaneous assignments like PR, social media, service design and fundraising while my main task remained to find the best approach in order to advertise and sell their upcoming creative workshops.
Kunstrukt believes that creativity can be trained like a muscle, and improving the skill can help in every aspect of one’s life. In their Manifesto, they state that democratizing art is their biggest goal, when people are encouraged to create, to be a maker. Therefore their creative workshops are based on playfulness and participation. By inviting others to share Kunstrukt’s vision, they create art together. It is a form of genuine communication, which is an element that inspires innovation.

Client Goal
They are currently trying to find their right audience and communicational approach in order to attract and engage business people to their workshops. Their goal is to reach out to big firms and do creative training for people from different fields, get them to work together.

Problem Formulation
By better understanding and explaining the innovative and creative process, how can I raise awareness for Kunstrukt, so they can increase the conversion rate by businesses and organizations?



The concept is based on attraction and engagement. By a better user experience, improved usability on the website and a new social media strategy Kunstrukt will be able to increase their chances and engage with its target group. The are four elements to this concept: an optimized landing page, a new product, a promotion video and a social media strategy.

Photoshop, Illustrator, Nikon D3300, Premiere Pro.