A client project with Timm Vladimirs Køkken during a design elective course. Their goal was to help them increase customer retention, gather data and make the experience last longer. At that moment their main platforms were: their current website, Instagram and Facebook accounts, but they were open for online solutions to discover new opportunities in experience economy.

Timm Vladimirs Samtalekøkken – 
Samtalesalon about food and relating topics, for networking and nærvær.
Social arrangement based on open-ended discussions. It expands one’s knowledge, widen people’s network, enables to connect customers with each other. There would be a host present: a popular company owner, founder or a trending person, whose main purpose is to attract people to the event (guests would get a chance to meet them in person in a stress-free environment), in exchange they would be able to promote their own businesses.
Our concept increases customer retention by creating these repeated events and finding an audience for them, the likelihood of them coming back grows. Using the following tools: social media, sign up via website, discount to raise awareness helps to keep current and gain new customers.
The event itself is already a proven concept, samtalesalons are very popular in Denmark, enables business people to meet each other in a light stress-free setting and share knowledge, it helps to get a better understanding in different important topics, like food waste or global warming. By doing this we are increasing the chance of word of mouth, in order to gain new customers. At last, we are making the experience last longer and help data gathering via Facebook and sign-up function on the website.

Illustrator, Photoshop, User research.