Carlsberg visited KEA, asked our team to come up with a digital activation idea that would strengthen Tuborg’s position and increase its market share on the Russian market. Important aspect is to communicate Tuborg’s role withing music as the company wants to build brand preference and become an integral part of the youth culture.

Our solution is a three part strategy that requires both a physical element, consumer participation on the three social media platforms, Facebook, VK and Instagram, and a campaign site on to tie it all together. All of these elements are put into play to promote and build anticipation for the upcoming Green Jam festival held in the middle of August.

The key element in the developed solution is a new product “JamBox”, which is a cardboard box containing 12 beer bottles. The bottles will be used to produce the 12 tones of the C4 octave (middle C on a piano). The core idea is to provide a DIY instrument that would give an opportunity for the target group to showcase their creativity. This packaging will have alcoholic and nonalcoholic beer options in stores.

For the marketing campaign, the nonalcoholic beer will be used, due to fact that it has less restrictions on advertising regulations, but an alcoholic version of the product will also be available in stores. A marketing campaign would encourage the consumers to build their own bottle flute or organ and use it to perform a musical number of their choice. The developed solution is not based merely on consuming the beverage, but more on Tuborg’s brand identity with music and creativity being a part of its DNA. The JamBox creates an opportunity for the target audience to be creative with the Tuborg brand in the physical world.  The solution is based on the proverb “Music is always better live”.

Market research, user research, project management, art direction.

InDesign, Trello, Google Survey.